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Alex Sons

Alex Sons is a teenage singer/songwriter from Raytown, MO. Alex gets his musical influences from artists like John Mayer, Ben Rector and Jimmy Needham. Alex was the winner of the 2013 Lifted Up Christian Music Challenge. At the 2014 Salt and Light awards hosted by King Cat Christian Music, Alex was recognized as best “New Artist” 

In 2014 Alex and 2819 Crew joined forces and performed live at fairs, festivals and different venues in the Kansas City area. Santi Cali Gon, Nehemiahfest, Lee's Summit's music in the park and The Granada in Lawrence KS just to name a few. In 2015 Alex and 2819 Crew continued playing around Kansas City area and in Lawrence KS. In 2016 they plan to continue performing live with a focus on getting into the studio.

Check him out at www.alexsonsmusic.com and www.facebook.com/alexsonsmusic

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Genna & Jesse

Genna & Jesse are defined by a unique alchemy born of the quirky chemistry, intricate vocal harmonies and ardent storytelling which infuse their songwriting and vibrant performances. With whispers (and sometimes roars) of folk, country, jazz, blues, art song, and popular music from the ‘60s and ‘70s, their self-chosen genre “acoustic-soul” doesn’t quite encompass what they conjure up in their joyful live shows and sensual, deliberate albums. These two shrug off music industry conventions in favor of doing what feels good, and this genre-defying dedication to being current and free has an exciting and irresistible effect.

Find out more about Genna & Jesse at www.gennaandjesse.com

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David Trull

“David Trull cut his teeth in the local St. Louis Blues scene at the tender age of 16 when he began sitting in with local bluesman Alvin Jett every Tuesday night at a local dive. Through these sessions he gained recognition for his emotive slide guitar playing. After venturing to Los Angeles after high school, he discovered the great Laurel Canyon songwriting tradition, as well as current artists then local to LA such as "Dawes" and the "Milk Carton Kids". Putting blues to the side, but not out of mind, he focused on developing his songwriting skills with folk-rock trio "Bourbon and Bitters". The touring and writing Trull did with "Bourbon and Bitters" culminated in his solo EP "Sowing Season", recorded in Ojai, CA. Now home again in his native St. Louis, Trull continues to perform his heartfelt tunes to heartland crowds.

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Karla Bauer

Please come celebrate the debut of Karla Bauer's new CD, "Everything Must Change" - a soulful tribute to the great Nina Simone encapsulating the striking vocal power and beauty of the Kansas City-based singer. It's truly staggering how taking this project as a whole, the vintage-made-new songs address the same desires of peace and hope today that Nina Simone sang of so many years ago. The nostalgic mood of this CD is the perfect fit for this creative artist who reached back decades for her inspiration. Karla assembled the collection of songs once recorded by Nina Simone to radiate a message that to change the world we all must become the change. The songs create an utterly modern blend of Gospel and expressive Jazz music while Karla sings in her unique, low-toned vocals. 

Karla continues to redefine the boundaries as an independent music artist being featured with two stations on Pandora Radio. You can also hear her music on many independent movie soundtracks and the playlists of radio stations world-wide. Go to www.KarlaBauer.com to learn more about her music and her message.


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Hope Dunbar

Hope Dunbar's music is rooted where and with whom she lives: in small town Utica, NE (population 800) with her husband and three kids. Between basketball games and PTA meetings, she finds time to write about women like her: complicated. Sometimes stretched thin and wanting more; sometimes singing liberation anthems and cracking jokes; always believing love is never too far out of reach. Hope’s debut EP “A Woman like Me” showcases her powerhouse vocals and her ukulele and guitar prowess with songs and style influenced by traditional country and folk.

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Delano Mendoza

Delano Mendoza is a singer/songwriter, actor, choir director, and on weekdays, a banker. Since he moved to the area in 2014, Delano has performed with The Theatre in the Park, OCTA, and Leawood Stage Company, and is currently working on a production with The Barn Players. Sharing his own music, influenced by r&b, soul, and pop, and shaped by this simple idea, "make life matter", is his dream. He is currently working on his EP, with an unknown 2016 release date.